Send 4" by 6" postcards with audio in 3 simple steps.

Take a photo

Capture what you see

You're on vacation and found the perfect postcard motive? Just snap a photo right where you are. This will be the front of your postcard.

Capture what you see

Record an audio message

Capture what you hear

Now, record some audio. Finally can you not only share your beautiful palm beach island pictures. But also the soothing sound of warm ocean waves.

Capture what you hear

Write your message

Capture what you feel

Let your friends know you're thinking of them. Write a birthday letter, love letter. Or just say hi. This will be the front of your postcard.

Capture your thoughts

And then? You just send it!

That's it! Easy right? Simply pick a person from your iPhone's address book.
We'll do the rest. Your SoundCard will be delivered as a photo-paper quality postcard. Internationally.


We print your postcard on high quality photo paper and deliver it to (almost) anywhere in the world. Typically within 3-7 business days.




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1st Postcard



Audio Recordings

Your Moments. In Sound.

Listen to the audio recording on your postcard. Use SoundCard, the iOS camera or even an Android phone to scan its QR code. That's all you need.

You record. Your message right from the SoundCard app.

They listen. Once your postcard is at their doorstep.

Simply scan the QR code printed on the postcard front. That's all.

All devices. Any QR code reader will do. On any platform. Anywhere.

Image Left
Image Right

Screenshots & Postcards

Curios what they look like, huh?

Your postcards are printed on high quality 4" by 6" photo paper.

SoundCard. Your moments in sound.

Effortlessly share your best moments with your friends and family. Let them be part not only of what you see on your journies, but now, also of what you hear. Send a love letter to your loved one or simply greetings to old friends.
SoundCard - Postcards reinvented.

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